Vote NO!
Say NO to the highest gas taxes in Missouri!

Vote NO
April 6th!
Oppose Oak Grove’s
Local Gas Tax Increase
Why Vote NO?

What the City is Saying:

The City of Oak Grove says that this gas tax will get the people outside of Oak Grove to pay for better roads.

The Reality:

  1. People will simply bypass Oak Grove’s more expensive gas and fuel elsewhere.  Don’t you always look for the cheapest gas?
  2. Gas Stations and Truckstops will lose business and not just gas sales, but also sales on food and other items they sell. That means the City of Oak Grove’s tax revenue will decline; the city will ultimately collect less Gas Tax overall AND collect less City Sales Tax.
  3. When sales decline, businesses must cut expenses, which includes jobs. Some businesses may close altogether.
Need to Know Where to Vote?

If you live in the city limits of Oak Grove, you are allowed to vote.
On April 6th, the polls are open 6AM – 7PM

Precincts 43, 44, 45 vote at:

Oak Grove City Hall- 2110 S Broadway, Oak Grove, MO

Precincts 46, 47, 48, 49 vote at:

Oak Grove High School- 605 SE 12th St, Oak Grove, MO