Media Visits

Media Visits

Media Visits

Thousands of customers per day visit the  Oak Grove 70 Petro as a sought after location for photography and film projects.

Oak Grove 70 Petro prides itself on its professionalism and experience in working with production companies. To discuss your next project, please email us.

Publishers, editors, and other individuals seeking permission to reproduce images of Oak Grove 70 Petro should refer to our photo policy.

Media Policy

Oak Grove 70 Petro welcomes the media to inform the general public about Oak Grove 70 Petro.

We ask that you follow our media policy to make your visit efficient and enjoyable.

  • Pre-authorization is required to photograph or film at Oak Grove 70 Petro and its affiliated properties.  Please email us for permission.
  • During your visit it is required that you wear an official Oak Grove 70 Petro Press Pass at all times.
  • We have designated Company Spokespeople and only those duly authorized are to speak to the media.  Our employees will be happy to assist you in getting to the correct spokesperson.  We ask that you respect this policy.
  • Please respect our customers.  If a customer does not wish to speak with you or have their image used, please thank them and move on.
  • No one is allowed in non-public areas of Oak Grove 70 Petro unless accompanied by an Oak Grove 70 Petro staff member.  No exceptions will be made to this rule.
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