Exhibitor Rules & Regulations

Exhibitor Rules & Regulations
Oak Grove 70 Truckers Jamboree
June 110 & 11, 2021

You can help make this show a success by following these guidelines. These rules are part of the terms of your contract for Exhibit Space. By executing the contract, the Exhibitor expressly agrees to observe all rules and regulations of the Oak Grove Truckers Jamboree.


All exhibits in the Oak Grove Truckers Jamboree will be conducted under the discretion and management of Oak Grove 70 Petro Stopping Center herein after known as Oak Grove 70 Petro. Oak Grove 70 Petro will be the sole authority to interpret and enforce these rules and regulations. Any dispute not covered by these rules and regulations is subject to determination by Oak Grove 70 Petro whose determination will be binding on all parties. Exhibitors who fail to comply with the rules and regulations or who fail to conduct themselves accordingly may be dismissed from the Oak Grove Truckers Jamboree without refund or appeal.

Exhibitor Move-In

Thursday, June 9th: 8am – 7pm

Oak Grove Truckers Jamboree staff will be at the information tent to spot your display location and receive your Exhibitor Packet during move-in hours.

Exhibitor Hours

Friday, June 10th 11am – 9pm
Saturday, June 11th 10am – 7pm

Exhibitor Move-Out

Saturday, June 11th: 7pm – 10pm
Sunday, June 12th: 8am – Noon
No displays will be dismantled nor packing started before 7pm, Saturday, June 11, 2021. All displays and equipment must be removed from the show ground by Noon on Sunday, June 11th.

Booth Space Confirmation

Written confirmation of booth space will be sent directly to the contact that appears on the Exhibit Space contract.

Booth Furnishing

Tables and chairs are available to rent on the Application for Exhibit Space Form.


Displays are not allowed outside of your assigned booth space. This includes awnings, tent stakes, coolers, etc.


Subletting or sharing of Exhibit Space is not permitted.

Sales Tax

If you will be selling items from your booth and need to obtain a sales tax ID number:

State of Missouri contact:
Missouri Department of Revenue
(573) 751-4450

(you will need form 2643)

Security & Limitation of Liability

For Exhibit Security, Oak Grove Police Department  will be on-duty June 9th from 7pm – 8am and June 10th from 7pm – 8am. Oak Grove 70 Petro, their respective directors, officers, agents, employees or volunteers will not be liable for the safety of the Exhibitor’s property from theft, damage by fire, accident or other causes during shipment to, installation and display at, and disassembly and shipment from Oak Grove 70 Petro, or for personal injury or damage sustained by an Exhibitor or Invitees.


All materials should be addressed as follows:

(Exhibiting company name here)

Attn: Steve Aderman
c/o Oak Grove Truckers Jamboree
301 S.W. First Street / I-70 & Exit 28
Oak Grove, MO 64075

We cannot be held responsible for delayed, misdirected, damaged or lost shipments. Please verify with your shipper that all of your shipment has arrived.

Electrical Service

Electrical service is not adequate for air conditioners in motor homes.


We have reserved a special area for Exhibitor parking. When you check in you will receive a map showing the Exhibitor’s parking area. All other parking is reserved for Oak Grove 70 Petro customers. We ask that you do not park in the restaurant parking lot. Violators will be towed at the owners expense.

Message Board

A message board will be in the Information Tent for Exhibitor’s to receive messages. Messages may be called in to 816-690-4455.

Exhibitor Conduct

THIS IS A FAMILY FUN EVENT. Disruptive conduct of any type including, but not limited to: demonstrations, rallies, blocking traffic, unauthorized distribution of products or printed material of any kind is prohibited. No soliciting is allowed. Appropriate dress is required.

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  • Iowa 80 Truckstop


  • Iowa 80 Truckstop


  • Iowa 80 Truckstop