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Almost twenty years after truckstop entrepreneur Bill Moon began operating Iowa 80 Truckstop in Walcott, Iowa; he decided to launch a business venture in his home state of Missouri and purchased what was then called the Oak Grove Truckstop in 1982. The truckstop consisted of a moderate store, restaurant, diesel fuel pumps and two-bay repair shop. In 1997, Oak Grove 70 Truckstop was literally torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. A $10 million investment in the property resulted in a new restaurant, store main building, shop and fuel center. Wendy’s and Dairy Queen also opened on site in the new food court. Oak Grove 70 Truckstop became a Petro Stopping Centers franchisee in 2001, opening the door to more trucking fleet contacts.



301 SW 1st St I-70, Exit 28 Oak Grove, MO 64075-9102 Phone 816-690-4455
I-70, Exit 28 Oak Grove, MO

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